1. What is a copywriter?
    A copywriter is a person (👉 this gal 👈) who writes copy to entice others to complete an action to grow your business. All of the copy I write is optimized for search engines (like Google) so that more people find your properties online. The listings, blogs, and website copy, etc. that I write for you directs traffic to make a reservation with you.

    You’ll then score more bookings from that online traffic!
  1. What do you do?
    As a copywriter, I help you turn those “just lookings” into bookings by writing content that is optimized for your guests and search engines.

    I specialize in writing blogs — one of the top ways to attract more people on Google with keyword searches. Not only do I write engaging content – I edit, format, and proofread it for you too. 

Learn 10 ways a vacation rental copywriter like me helps you get more bookings

  1. What’s your background?
    With my background in travel writing and leasing, I know how to write content about various locations like yours and sell future guests on your accommodations. I also have a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a master’s degree in public communication.
  1. Why are you a copywriter for vacation rentals?
    I know firsthand how accommodations make or break a travel experience — I have visited all 50 states (my dad was in the Army), and I have volunteered abroad in Australia and taught English abroad in Ecuador. I cherish the memories I made with family and friends in some of those places.

    You offer a gateway for guests to share time with their loved ones — they look forward to a break from their day-to-day hardships. I want to help you attract more guests so they can have amazing experiences they’ll remember for years to come. 
  1. Okay, what does the process look like? 
  • Your goals: We discuss what you’d like to accomplish this year on a consultation call (i.e. more bookings and more free time). 
  • Your SEO: We talk about how you can improve your rankings and bring in more online traffic to your vacation rentals. 

    We come up with a plan, and I save you time as I make it happen for you.

Send me an email at sydney@sydneylutzagency.com or book a consultation call with me here

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