vacation rental copywriter

From copy to connections

More than 60% of Americans report feeling lonely. While we can “connect” with others in seconds right at our fingertips, we’re more “disconnected” than over.

The beauty of your vacation rentals? They rekindle relationships and reunite families — real-life reconnections. Guests can relax from their hard-working lives and make memories with loved ones.

You’ve worked so doggone hard to provide your guests with a warm and welcoming space. It takes a lot of give and grit to do what you do! But I believe what you do is worth the experience for guests.

My best friend and I STILL talk about the coastal experience we had at a vacation rental years ago while we were teaching ESL in Ecuador. Sure, we about lost our marbles getting lost on the way there. Oh, and the stay had no cell service and ran out of water!

But, the ocean views, the time spent together, the memories? Priceless.

Your future guests need to find you first. So, I’m here to help your online presence reflect your brand so that you attract more bookings. And continue cultivating memorable experiences for guests.

Why hire me as your vacation rental copywriter?

  • Extensive hospitality experience
    From state campgrounds and restaurants to caregiving and property management, I have a strong ability to empathize with your guests.
  • Background in travel writing
    I’ve written dozens of travel articles that triumph on the first page of Google for specific keywords.
  • Knack for storytelling
    I paint a picture that shows your benefits rather than tells your features. That’s why people will choose you, remember you, and keep coming back to you.

Your vacation rental business deserves captivating copy: listings, well-written website copy, SEO blogs, and so much more. And don’t you deserve to take a vacation yourself?

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