“We went live with our B&B on December the 17th and within 24 hours we were booked solid through January 3rd with 3 separate bookings! Sydney took the material we had been working on ourselves and provided us with exactly what were we looking for. Sydney has a great talent for a simple yet elegant style that gets right to the highlights of your message.”

Greg & Diane, Airbnb owners

“Sydney is a great copywriter for the vacation rental industry. Her listing descriptions are amazing. I hope to be able to use her more in the coming year to help support my clients. Definitely recommend her work and her pricing is just right.”

Jodi Bourne, Vacation Rental Marketing Specialist + Website Designer

“Sydney is insanely talented and happy to have her work permanently stamped on the boutique BellaMar brand.”

Kristen Bleakley, Owner of BellaMar Vacation Rentals