Want to save $$$ and score more bookings?

Ask me about bundled services & retainers.

Website Copy

Future guests want to know all about the value they’re getting when they book with you. Plus, why not show how awesome you and your rentals are?!

I write well-written, SEO “About” pages, FAQ pages, collection descriptions, and more that help…

  • Build your credibility
  • Show your authority
  • Rise the ranks of Google


Blogs/Travel Guides

When was the last time you posted a blog on your website? Consistent, updated, and SEO blogs that I write for you help:

  • People find you (More traffic, baby!)
  • Get higher rankings on Google
  • Convert lookers into bookers


Vacation Rental/Airbnb


Paint a picture for future guests with a description that shows, not tells, them why your rentals are for them. A strong, optimized headline with a compelling description:

  • Helps you stand out against competitors
  • Converts “Maybe” into “HELL, YEAH” occupants
  • Attracts more of your target guests

$75/description or 5 for $300

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