Avoid these 5 Mistakes on your Vacation Rental Website!

Do you have a website for your vacation rentals or would you like to have one? Many *snaps* to you for seeing the value of the book direct movement! The days of just word of mouth and referrals are over. More and more of the younger audiences want to see that you’re a real person (not someone who is trying to scam them). They also want to see that they can trust you to offer them valuable recommendations of things to do and see in the area before booking with you. 

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7 Creative Ways to Score More Vacation Rental Bookings

So, you have your listings and your website up and running for your vacation rentals. Maybe you’ve had some success…and then crickets, dust, and cobwebs. And as the online world continues to get bigger and bigger, you’re competing with hundreds of other vacation rentals in the area every day. More than likely, you’d like to score more bookings. Traditional methods may seem appealing, but more cost-efficient ways are available.

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How “Not” to Decorate Vacation Homes for the Holidays

Ah, yes, the holiday season. Many people enjoy sweater weather and warm touches at home. The holiday season reminds many of us of happy family memories that we hold dear to our hearts. Decorating vacation homes for the holidays shows a form of celebration. However, it can also border on the boundaries of classy and tacky. (Some guests may also not celebrate common American holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.) Instead take the roundabout route — appeal the guests’ senses with seasonal decorations. 

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6 Tech Devices for Vacation Rentals to Save More Time and Money

The best defense is a good offense, right? Investing in vacation rental tech devices can potentially save you THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours. You’re probably already aware of devices for smart lighting, smart thermostats, and smart concierges. But you may not be aware of some of the following tech devices that serve other purposes, and many vacation rental owners review and recommend them highly online. If you’re managing vacation rentals remotely, you’ll definitely want to consider the following devices to level up your business. And feel an added sense of comfort. 

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How to Write a Vacation Rental Listing that Stands Out

A listing can make or break the number of bookings you get for your vacation rental. Most future guests are already motivated to go to that location, and they want your vacation rental to excite them. They want a place that appeals to their imagination and makes them feel like they’re already there. They want to see that the vacation rental provides them with lots of value.

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10 Ways a Vacation Rental Copywriter Helps You Get More Bookings

If you own or manage vacation rentals and are not taking FULL advantage of content marketing, you could be losing out on more business. Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing costs 62% less and generates 3X as many leads!1  

With customized, consistent content, you open more doors to your target occupants finding you. Plus, they’ll build a stronger connection to your vacation rentals, which leads to you building credibility and authority.

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