6 Tech Devices for Vacation Rentals to Save More Time and Money


The best defense is a good offense, right? Investing in vacation rental tech devices can potentially save you THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours. You’re probably already aware of devices for smart lighting, smart thermostats, and smart concierges. But you may not be aware of some of the following tech devices that serve other purposes, and many vacation rental owners review and recommend them highly online. If you’re managing vacation rentals remotely, you’ll definitely want to consider the following devices to level up your business. And feel an added sense of comfort. 

Here are 6 tech devices perfect for vacation rentals to save more time and money: 

1. Smart Marketing

One of the best ways to keep guests coming back to your vacation rentals is through email marketing. You can email them valuable information that will keep your rentals top of mind for the next time they want to book. They can also share that information with friends and family, which means plenty of referrals for you!

However, if guests book with you on a third-party platform, you may have a hard time getting their email addresses from them. The only way is by asking them directly, which may turn out to be an awkward situation. 

The solution? StayFi. You plug in the device into your router, and guests need to input their email address to access your WiFi. Score! You can also create your own WiFi splash page and integrate it with your email service provider. Having your own splash page will also allow you to showcase your brand!

2. Smart Security

Vendors, cleaners, guests, postal carriers…you may feel like your porch is a revolving door. And you may be handling your vacation rental remotely. Unfortunately, this means you’re not around to babysit what happens 24/7. However, you definitely want to keep an eye on things to prevent porch pirates and burglaries.  

But many video doorbells require wires to charge the battery, and they can be difficult to install. You may not be able to adjust motion zones nor be able to see what’s happening on your smartphone.

The solution? You can easily install a Ring video doorbell, a wireless device that comes with a rechargeable battery. Ring doorbells provide convenience, and you receive notifications on your phone when they detect motion around your front door. You can choose from a few different plans for your preferred features. 

3. Smart Locks

For the majority of guests, the last thing they want to do after hours of packing and driving is to deal with finding a key or fiddling with the lock to enter the place. Many guests have dealt with so many challenges on a couple of hours of sleep before arriving at the lodging. They just want to drop off their things and get settled in. 

Unfortunately, if the vacation rental requires a good old-fashioned key, then you need to communicate with the guest where to find it. And you don’t want to keep it in an easy place like above the door or under a mat. Lockboxes with digit combinations may also be a pain in the butt for guests to open.

The solution? Many vacation rental owners and managers love Schlage Encode, an easy-to-install WiFi deadbolt that allows you to create temporary access codes. You can also lock or unlock the door from anywhere, which makes it easy to grant access to vendors remotely. Now your guests don’t have to search for buried treasure.


4. Smart Noise Detection

You’d love to have quiet guests 100% of the time, but you know that’s not always the case. Some guests let their vacation flag fly high and get a little unruly with noise levels. More so if they’re outdoors where the neighbors can hear them. 

However, tape recorders inside the vacation rental are invasive (and illegal). You need a way to monitor noise levels, but you’re not a fly on the wall. And you want to maintain a good reputation among your neighbors and the police. 

The solution? NoiseAware — “The smoke detector of noise.” With this sensor, you receive alerts on your phone if the noise levels get too high. All you need to do is to chat with guests about noise levels before things get out of hand. NoiseAware doesn’t record audio, and it’s weatherproof if you want to put it outdoors. 

5. Smart Occupancy Detection

One of your worst nightmares would be a party happening at your vacation rental, especially if you manage one or more places remotely. You don’t want to face the awful consequences from costly damage from over-occupancy and extreme noises. 

But cameras and tape recorders are again a no-no, so you need a good way to track the number of occupants and address any potential parties. 

The solution? PartySquasher. The smart home device counts how many mobile devices in and around your house. You just hook it up to your router and use the app to receive alerts. Vacation rental owners also like that they can keep track of people coming and going in the rental. (Just keep in mind that you’ll need to disclose that you use PartySquasher in your airBNB listing.)

6. Smart Water Detection

The last thing you need is water damage from a leaky faucet. Water can come out of too many places to count — the washing machine, the shower, the toilet, and more. All of those drops add up to a high water bill. Did you also know that water damage is more likely to happen than theft or a fire? 

Some leaks are easy to miss, especially if the place sits vacant or if guests and vendors don’t see it or say anything. Water damage can lead to mold, loss of valuable objects, and even pose dangerous situations — slipping and falling or electrical shocks/fires!

The solution? With Flo by Moen, you can place the smart home devices in places that may get leaks. You can also install a device on the main water line. The devices monitor the place 24/7. The app gives you the power to turn off the main water line remotely, which can save you thousands of dollars! 

Many of these tech devices will give you peace of mind for your vacation rentals, which is priceless. The majority of them will also give you a higher sense of security. You may also prevent potentially costly lawsuits as well. And being as cost-efficient with your vacation rentals as possible will help you maximize your profits in the long run. Smart home technology continues to evolve, and you’ll want to evolve with it. Stay proactive with these 6 tech devices to save time and money for your vacation rentals!

Published by Sydney Lutz Agency

I'm Sydney, an expert vacation rental copywriter. I write optimized listings, value-packed blogs, and exceptional web copy to help you attract your target occupants and expand your business. Email me at sydney@sydneylutzagency.com to learn more and set up a free consultation.

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