Why Hire a Vacation Rental Copywriter?

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing costs 62% less and generates 3X as many leads!1  What is content marketing? It’s the creation, distribution, and publication of content. When you hire a copywriter, that person helps you write the content, so you reap the benefit of scoring more bookings!

With customized and consistent content, you open more doors to your target guests finding you. Plus, they’ll build a stronger connection to your vacation rentals, which leads to you building credibility and authority.

A variety of content channels can generate traffic — blogs, newsletters, and social media. But it needs to show value and circulate on a regular basis.

Ultimately, a vacation rental copywriter helps you with all of that, slashes traditional marketing costs, and increases your bottom line with more bookings. 

Here are 10 reasons why you need a vacation rental copywriter:

1. Helps you get a bigger return on your investment

When you post availability on online travel agency websites, you lose out on the commissions they make. They also don’t have the bandwidth to write about your vacation rental benefits and location exclusively. Your own unique, customized, and optimized content helps you stand out — especially against competitors.

Plus, when you have evergreen content, you’re more likely to make an impact on readers. They’ll find the content so valuable that they’ll keep coming back to your business. And that means, you’ll build more loyalty among your guests. They’ll refer your business to others, and you’ll save money in the long run.

2. Saves you time and energy

You’re already so busy on a daily basis. And overloaded with guest requests, maintenance issues, and legal requirements. It’s easy to get burned out in this industry. Writing involves a strong knowledge of SEO and customization for your audience.

You probably don’t have the time to write compelling content on a regular basis, which is essential for building an online presence and getting more bookings.

Wouldn’t you like more free time to spend with your family? Enjoy your hobbies? Kick back and relax? Let your vacation rental copywriter take content marketing off your plate and help you expand your business.

3. Specializes in vacation rental copywriting

You don’t want just some Joe Schmoe to write for you. You want someone with experience in property management and content writing. Someone who can speak your language. With a background in the field, your vacation rental copywriter knows how to help you write customized content that targets your audience.

The copywriter’s #1 goal is to help you increase your occupancy. Plus, staying on top of what’s hot and what’s not in the industry. You’re not just another box to check for some expensive agency. Or just a quick buck to make for a freelancer on a content platform. You’re a top priority.

4. Rewrites and optimizes existing content

You may already have blogs, social media posts, listings, etc. BUT are they tailored for your target audience? Are they relevant? Are they optimized and bring in more bookings? If the content isn’t evergreen, it’s probably not getting seen.

Outdated content could also be hurting you more than helping you.2 Sometimes content needs updated information, better images, and links. A vacation rental copywriter helps do all of that for you to get you more traffic, views, and shares. Plus, more optimization can help you rank higher on Google.

5. Optimizes vacation rental listings for conversions

Your vacation rental listing competes with hundreds of other properties. A so-so listing can make or break your vacation rental business. You’re losing thousands of dollars every day your vacation rental sits vacant.3

You want your listing to stand out among the rest. AND put your vacation rental in the best light possible while managing guest expectations. A vacation rental copywriter knows how to optimize listings with strong headlines and inviting descriptions.

She knows all the latest tips and tricks. That listing then gets more traffic. Most importantly, the listing speaks to your target audience and makes them want to book with YOU.

6. Keeps your blogs updated and consistent

You need consistent blogs that demonstrate value and answer questions. Plus, they need to speak to your target audience. AND tailored for skimmers, glancers, and in-depth readers. Blogs that are optimized with keywords, over 1,200 words, and formatted well make it easier for readers to find your business online.

Businesses that have blogs bring in 55% more website traffic.4 Your vacation rental copywriter writes blogs that compete with other businesses online. The blogs can then rank higher on Google when people search for vacation rentals in your location. Most importantly, you want blogs with strong calls to action to get more bookings.

7. Improves your vacation rental website SEO

Would you like to get more direct bookings? You need a website for your rental properties. It’s a central hub where you can talk about your properties in more detail. Plus, you’ll want any traffic from social media, blog posts, and email newsletters to go here.

One of the first places many people go on your website is to your “About” page. The “About” page needs to be memorable, appealing, and personable. You also want your “About” page to help you show credibility and build more connections. When people can find you and your rentals online, it helps you build more authority and get more bookings.

8. Knows how to respond to guest reviews

Nearly 9 in 10 consumers read reviews before visiting a business.5 You want to make sure that others see you as reliable, professional, and knowledgeable. Responding to positive reviews shows you care. They also help you build a following. They’re more likely to come back to you and recommend you to others. 

Negative reviews make the majority of potential guests (86%) hesitant to book with you.6 Responding to negative reviews increases the chances of the original reviewer to edit or delete it.7 Your vacation rental copywriter helps you build SEO and relationships by responding to reviews in a helpful, timely manner.

9. Builds resident relations with newsletters

Newsletters provide a great deal of value and benefits. They are one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to your target audience and get a high return on investment. They also drive traffic to your website, create trust with your customers, and generate more leads.8

Good, consistent newsletters keep you at the forefront of your potential or current guests’ minds. Plus, they can easily share your newsletters with others and get you referrals. You may not have much time to create newsletters and send them out regularly. Your vacation rental copywriter can do that for you. 

10. Manages your social media channels

So many social media sites. So little time. It’s hard to keep up with all of it on top of everything else you have to do. Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram all have different features and cater to different audiences. Consistent posts drive more traffic to your listings and websites.

When people search on these platforms, you want to make sure they click on your content. Social media also involves engaging with others. Potential guests have questions, comments, and concerns. Your vacation rental copywriter can help you post consistently on various platforms and manage relationships with your potential guests.

Now you know 10 reasons why you need a vacation rental copywriter. With a good content marketing strategy, you’ll build a stronger online presence. That will lead to more traffic and more bookings for you. Content marketing is more of a marathon than a sprint, but comes with so many more benefits.

Your vacation rental copywriter works with you directly to capture your business’s tone, voice, and style consistently. Ready to save time and energy and reap all of these 10 benefits? Shoot me an email at sydney@sydneylutzagency.com to learn more and to set up a free consultation.


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