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for the Vacation Rental Industry

Saves you time. Shows your authority. Scores more bookings.

The blank white page stares back at you. The cursor blinks like an impatient kettle screeching for attention. You’d love to market your vacation rentals online more with content, but … you have a to-do list a mile long and a million things on your mind.

So to get bookings, you rely on OTA’s with your listings that are just okay.

But your listings are competing with hundreds of new properties.

You could be losing profits because you’re getting lost in the crowds.

You deserve more.

Wouldn’t you like well-crafted content for your vacation rentals that

Stands out from the competitors?

Shows that future guests can trust you?

Scores you more bookings?

A strong online presence is key to meeting these goals. Because without a strong online presence, your listings are invisible to valuable traffic.

The best, most cost-efficient way to a strong online presence is through content marketing.

With customized content for your properties, you build trust among potential guests.

OTA’s can only do so much for you.

Your own content channels create a gateway for you to market your unique brand, communicate to your guests more easily, and attract repeat guests and get referrals.

Your properties deserves great content that captivates, connects, and converts. Because with great content, you open more doors for future guests.

BUT you have enough on your plate already. Writing consistent content takes time, research, and SEO knowledge.

That’s where I come in. I’m Sydney, a vacation rental copywriter. I’m here to take content marketing off your plate. When you work with me, you get compelling content that reflect your brand’s voice for your target guests.

I help you get more bookings with great content like:

  • Listings — that help convert those “just lookings” into bookings
  • Blogs — that help drive online traffic to your listings with Google searches
  • Website content — that helps build trust with guests and creates loyalty and referrals

I’m here to listen to YOU and your goals for your vacation rentals.

And help make them happen.

You save time and energy as I market your vacation rental brand, strengthen your online presence, and show future guests why you’re the best choice for them.

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When you work with me, you get:

light bulb

Ideas for new content

We discuss your content needs and strategy in a FREE 15-minute consultation session. I do SEO research, pitch ideas for new content, and write for your target audience.


SEO Keywords & Headlines

I optimize the content with a proper subheadings, keyword researches, and strong headlines. This makes it easier for future guests to find you on Google, engage with the content, and book with you.



I format the content for you, which makes it easier on the eyes for skimmers and in-depth readers. Plus, it helps search engines position your content online.


Editing & Proofreading

You don’t want to have any embarrassing spelling errors, or typos. I edit and proofread the content for you, so you receive quality content.


Quality work. Delivered promptly.

When you work with me, you get a reliable and dedicated writer. I deliver quality content with a timely turnaround time. Ask me about retainer services.

I write the content, and you get the byline!

Services & Rates


Website Copy

I write SEO website copy that offers valuable information for future guests. With a well-written home page, about page, services page, and FAQ’s page, the content will help you:

  • Build your credibility
  • Show your authority
  • Rise the ranks of Google



When was the last time you posted a blog on your website? Consistent, updated, and search engine optimized blogs that I write for you help:

  • Generate more traffic
  • Get higher rankings on Google
  • Convert lookers into bookers


Property Descriptions

Paint a picture for future guests with a description that shows, not tells, them why your rentals are for them. A strong, optimized headline with a compelling description:

  • Helps you stand out against competitors
  • Converts “Maybe” into “HELL, YEAH” occupants
  • Attracts more of your target guests

$75/description or 5 for $300

Additional services
  • Rewrites & Editing
  • Newsletters
  • Lead Magnets

*Prices vary

All prices listed here are a starting point and can vary based on the project. All services include one round of edits. I’m open to writing other content types as well. Ask me about bundled packages and retainer services!


Why do I love to write?

We understand joy when we’ve endured pain. If you’ve ever experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of grief, then you recognize the brevity of life. The best memory I have of my grandma was seeing her smile on our vacation in Florida before she passed from cancer. With this in mind, I valued every memory I made on our family vacations and came to love filling my journals with stories of our travels.

Why am I vacation rental copywriter?

I love writing for this industry because people work hard for their money and deserve a break. Your accommodations are an escape for guests from the day-to-day burdens and responsibilities, a temporary home that gives them relief and relaxation, and a gateway for them to enjoy a different location and make new memories.

Your guests want to experience this in your sanctuaries. With well-written listings, website copy, and blogs, your vacation rentals have a voice that captivates online visitors and entices them to book with you.

Why should you hire me?

According to Heather Bayer, vacation rental guru, people will naturally book with you if you offer content like travel guides and blogs. They’re more interested in the location. I’ve written hundreds of travel guides and articles for GoAbroad.com and FundMyTravel.com. Most of them are ranking on the 1st page of Google for competitive keywords.

I have also leased apartments and developed a passion for helping others find a new home. With my upbringing, education, and experience, you receive the gift of a vacation rental copywriter who empathizes with your guests’ pain points and knows how to showcase the value of a home away from home. Learn more here.

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