Copywriting for the Vacation Rental Industry

Say bye-bye to writer’s block and hello to more bookings.

Save time. Show authority. Score bookings.

The blank page stares back at you.

The cursor blinks like an impatient kettle screeching for attention.

The words just. aren’t. flowing.

And you already have a flooded inbox and a never-ending to-do list.

You’re busy taking care of other things.

But the website looks naked, the blog’s gathering dust, and the listings need love.

Wouldn’t you like customized content for your vacation rentals that

Showcases what you bring to the table?

Brings in more traffic and builds trust?

Scores you more bookings?

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now.

You deserve great content that captivates, connects, and converts.

Because with great content, you open more doors for future guests.

BUT you have enough on your plate already.

Writing consistent content takes time, research, and SEO knowledge.

That’s where I come in. I’m Sydney, a vacation rental copywriter. I’m here to take content writing off your plate. When you work with me, you get compelling content that reflect your brand’s voice for your target guests.

I help you get more bookings with great content like:

Listings — that help convert those “just lookings” into bookings

Blogs — that help drive online traffic to your listings with Google searches

Website content — that helps build trust with guests

I’m here to listen to YOU and your goals for your vacation rentals.

And help make them happen.You save time and energy as I market your vacation rental brand, strengthen your online presence, and show future guests why you’re the best choice for them.


when you work with me, you get…

Quality Work. Delivered promptly.

I deliver quality content with a timely turnaround time.

SEO Keywords & Headlines

I optimize the content with proper subheadings, keywords, and strong headlines. This makes it easier for future guests to find you on Google, engage with the content, and book with you.

Ideas for new content

We discuss your content needs and strategy in a FREE 15-minute consultation session. I do SEO research, pitch ideas for new content, and write for your target audience.

editing & proofreading

You don’t want to have any embarrassing spelling errors or typos. I edit and proofread the content for you, so you receive quality content.


I format the content for you, which makes it easier on the eyes for skimmers and in-depth readers. Plus, it helps search engines position your content online.

royalty-free photos added for free (OPTIONAL)

technical abilities – i can upload the content for you (Additional fee)

Bundled Packages

Blog Package

• 2 (or 4) monthly SEO-optimized blogs
• 1 round of revisions for each blog
• Royalty-free photographs optional
• Uploading the blogs to your website

Each blog is 1,200+ words, well-researched, and formatted.

Website Package

• SEO site audit
• FAQ Page
• About Page
• Home Page
• Travel Guide
• Collection descriptions

Each page is 300+ words. The travel guide is 1,500+ words.

A la carte items

• Listing descriptions
• Monthly Newsletters
• Lead Magnets
• Flyers for Owners/Guests
• Itineraries
• Travel Guides
• E-books

*Every piece of content includes 1 round of edits.

Customizable packages available.

Ask me about bundles and monthly retainers!


“Sydney is insanely talented and happy to have her work permanently stamped on the boutique BellaMar brand.”

Kristen Bleakley, Owner of BellaMar Vacation Rentals

“Sydney is a great copywriter for the vacation rental industry. Her listing descriptions are amazing. I hope to be able to use her more in the coming year to help support my clients. Definitely recommend her work and her pricing is just right.”

Jodi Bourne, Vacation Rental Marketing Specialist + Website Designer


vacation rental copywriter

From copy to connections

More than 60% of Americans report feeling lonely. While we can “connect” with others in seconds right at our fingertips, we’re more “disconnected” than over.

The beauty of your vacation rentals? They rekindle relationships and reunite families — real-life reconnections. Guests can relax from their hard-working lives and make memories with loved ones.

You’ve worked so doggone hard to provide your guests with a warm and welcoming space. It takes a lot of give and grit to do what you do! But I believe what you do is worth the experience for guests.

My best friend and I STILL talk about the coastal experience we had at a vacation rental years ago while we were teaching ESL in Ecuador. Sure, we about lost our marbles getting lost on the way there. Oh, and the stay had no cell service and ran out of water!

But, the ocean views, the time spent together, the memories? Priceless.

Your future guests need to find you first. So, I’m here to help your online presence reflect your brand so that you attract more bookings. And continue cultivating memorable experiences for guests.

Why hire me as your vacation rental copywriter?

  • Extensive hospitality experience
    From state campgrounds and restaurants to caregiving and property management, I have a strong ability to empathize with your guests.
  • Background in travel writing
    I’ve written dozens of travel articles that triumph on the first page of Google for specific keywords.
  • Knack for storytelling
    I paint a picture that shows your benefits rather than tells your features. That’s why people will choose you, remember you, and keep coming back to you.

Your vacation rental business deserves captivating copy: listings, well-written website copy, SEO blogs, and so much more. And don’t you deserve to take a vacation yourself?

Shoot me an email for a free travel guide creation checklist!

Hire Me

Ready to attract more bookings?

Step 1: Type in a little info in the form below. I then reach out to schedule a discovery call.

Step 2: We talk more about your content goals on free, 15-minute Zoom call.

Step 3: I send you a proposal for your review and then…

Ta-da! Quality content delivered to you!


  1. What is copywriting? Copywriting is “salesmanship in the form of words.” Copy is text that you read with the intention to get the reader to do something. As a copywriter, I write content with the intent to engage and inspire customers to take action. This could be signing up for a newsletter or booking a stay.  
  1. How does your process work? 
  • Your goals: First, we get on a 15-minute Zoom call to chat about your ideal clients and content goals. 
  • Your SEO: After the call, I dig more into your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) to come up with content ideas and keywords.
  • Your plan: I then send you a proposal for you to review, we discuss the price/details/contract, and I save you time as I make it happen for you. 
  1. What about your payment policy?

For one-time projects, I require 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. For anything less than $100, I require full payment upfront. Bundles and retainers are negotiable. Payments go through Stripe.

  1. What’s your turnaround time?

Generally, I have a one-week turnaround time. For projects, we agree upon the
turnaround time for each piece of content depending on your needs. 

  1. What about revisions?

Your project payment includes one round of edits per piece of content. The turnaround time varies based on the requests and project scope.